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The Markov system is one of the most popular betting systems. It works with mathematical Markov chains and is used very often by experienced roulette players.

This article is about the  Markov System , sometimes also written  Markow System  . It is a system that works with the so-called “Markov chains”. The Russian mathematician Andrei Andrejewitsch Markow developed these chains . With his work he made significant contributions to probability theory and analysis. He is best known for his theory of stochastic processes.

About the Markov betting system

The Markov chain originated from Markov’s work with letter chains in Russian literature. The model he developed is still used today for speech recognition software and handwriting software. The mathematician wasn’t particularly interested in gambling. It was the gamblers themselves who came across his work in their search for functioning systems and tried to apply their functionality to gambling.

In particular, Markov’s statement that “future developments can be determined on the basis of current knowledge” has attracted players to apply the Markov chain to gambling. This is of course nonsense, because gambling remains gambling, nothing can be predicted. Otherwise the casinos would have been bankrupt long ago.

The Markov chains

Casino, Arcade, Slot Machines, MachinesFirst of all, let’s take a look at how the Markov chains work. Markov put forward the thesis that numbers from a string of numbers often appear one after the other. In simple terms, a Markov necklace can be thought of as a pearl necklace. The individual pearls of the chain are provided with numbers. Take e.g. B. the number sequence from 1 to 100. If you now try to bring disorder in this number sequence, z. B. by kneading or twisting the chain, the numbers mix again.

They rearrange themselves so that, for example, the 10 could be right after the 68. The original chain of numbers is thus interrupted by numbers that have been knotted into others. But that doesn’t happen at every point. Many numbers stay in the same order as before – only occasionally interrupted by “strange” numbers. Markov chains make use of this knowledge.

Markov chains in roulette

If you read about the Markov system for roulette on the Internet, one very important factor is often forgotten: The system works according to connected sequences of numbers, but with roulette every bet is independent of the previous and the next. So you cannot work your way through the chain of numbers from operation to operation, but actually have a completely new chain of numbers in front of you every time. So you can’t actually discover the signal numbers. But let’s neglect this point, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to explain the Markov system to you at all.

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